CABO DE SAGRES is a “Local Accommodation” service dedicated to your vacation. It’s your holidays home.
Combines the location and comfort with Nature, which is unique in every day and fascinating all days of the year.
Is a “Local Accommodation” located on the main street of the village by which we reach the access to
the fishing port, the coastal pedestrian trail and meeting spaces, for your holidays in a setting of natural beauty.

The Sagres Region is a place to be discovered. The slowing of pace and the retreat in the time that this region gives us allows us to appreciate everything that life has of genuine.

You can always choose socially lively places or quiet solitude. You have time to have time… time for yourself, for family, for friends, time for everyone and even, who knows, time for your work!

There are five, the closest beaches to the Cabo de Sagres. Each beach is unique.

The scope of our gaze to the horizon, crossing landscapes enveloped in the maritime air, makes us feel an integral part of nature, truly!

Clear sea, rocks, diverse fauna and flora are a stimulus to practice some of the most fascinating recreational activities, such as scuba diving, boating, cycling or walking, as well as observation of marine fauna, birds and flora.

One hour and thirty minutes from Faro airport by car, Sagres offers a unique vacation destination, combining natural wonders with a sense of security and ample recreational opportunities.

In Sagres, near your apartment, for your vacation, we have the Lighthouse, the Lighthouse of the S. Vicente Cape.

Filled with unique natural beauties, clear blue waters, pure maritime air, Sagres is a destination.

We have two available complete guest apartments.
The minimum rental amount corresponds to a 2-night stay in the apartment with 1 bedroom and 3-night stay in the apartment with 2 bedrooms.

Great Location

Private Parking



free WI-FI

international TV Channels



1 Bedroom and 1 Bathroom


2 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms